Wireless as a Service

Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, a logistics company or higher education institution, wireless connectivity and all that it enables are a core part of your operation. Wireless technologies power mobile communications, allow employees freedom of moment, and simplify innumerable work environments. And now with the advent of 5G and the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wireless networking has become even more indispensable. You need reliable, secure, and fast wireless network connectivity to empower your business and delight your customers. TenFour is ready to provide it.

With more than 20 years of experience, no one has been building networks for as long and as well as TenFour has. That’s why our team packages everything you need—hardware, software, and internet connectivity, as well as the design, procurement, installation, monitoring, and support—into a seamless, single-source wireless package that can be deployed at any location around the world for one simple price per month.

Features & Capabilities

TenFour combines a wide variety of technologies to ensure your wireless network delivers high-bandwidth connectivity, instant access to networked resources, and consistent, reliable communications. Our wireless networks include numerous authentication, security, and visibility features that track your network’s health and performance, provide traffic analytics, and enable stakeholders an end-to-end view of business activities, performance, and productivity metrics.

Based on a wireless site survey we conduct, we’ll select the hardware components needed to provide the best coverage and connection speeds across your business’s locations.

  • Data Transport Speeds up to 5 Gbps
  • Standard & Ruggedized Wireless Access Points with WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) Support for 802.11b/g/n/ac Standards & WiFi6 (802.11ax) Capability
  • Centralized Management & High Availability at Site Level & Device Level
  • Cloud or On-Site WLAN Controllers (WLC)
  • Local Switching of Remote Site Traffic
  • End-to-End QoS & Application Visibility
  • RF Interference Avoidance with Rogue Access Point Detection
  • Centralized Access Point Registration and SSID & Web Authentication for Guest Wireless Access via WLC
  • User and Device Authentication via Network Access Control & Active Directory
  • WAP Management available URL & Content Filtering, DNS Screening, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), IP Reputation, Malware Inspection

Wireless Site Surveys Optimize Deployment

We’ll select the hardware components needed to provide the best coverage and connection speeds across your business’s location. As part of any wireless network deployment, TenFour performs either a physical or virtual site survey, depending on the size of your location and the availability of blueprints. We pair our predictive modeling with our custom-built application to quickly gather the environmental information necessary, analyze your location, and select the optimal number and placement of wireless access points.

Key Benefits of Our Wireless Networks

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Reduced Cost & Complexity

We handle your wireless network’s design, installation, and maintenance so you no longer have to struggle with dozens of vendors or compatibility issues, resulting in far less cost and complexity than deploying it yourself. All of the design, configuration, installation, project management, testing, monitoring, support, changes, patching, and changes are included in one simple price per month, saving your team’s budget, resources, and time.

Increased Reliability

We use the highest quality hardware as well as cloud-based network management and redundant connections to ensure your network traffic is routed quickly, efficiently, and with minimal interruptions. We design our wireless networks to always be available and all components are rigorously tested before deployment. We provide regular updates and patch management, and our 24x7x365, U.S.-based Network Operations Center (NOC) is always available to remediate any problem, physical or virtual.

Adaptive & Scalable

If you need to expand your wireless network, we can seamlessly deploy and integrate new portions of it. We make it easy to ensure the network is providing the bandwidth, resource availability, and performance you need by monitoring usage and suggesting additions or changes should requirements demand.

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Our network components are deployed with frontline protections engaged, and we continually update hardware and software to address critical vulnerabilities, bugs, or new functionality. We use the latest authentication and encryption protocols to secure data, applications, and communications. We offer an array of additional firewalls and security measures that can easily be deployed within your environment to prevent attacks.

Sample Wireless Network Designs

Whether you have a small or large retail store, a manufacturing facility, or multi-floor office space, we can build our wireless networks to adapt to your needs.

Services Included

Every wireless network solution we deploy includes a collection of embedded services with it. These services are designed to ensure your wireless network’s optimal performance, are provided throughout the solution’s lifecycle, and are automatically folded into the monthly subscription price of the solution.


Hand selected and rigorously tested equipment, software, telecom, and physical infrastructure resources, configured for interoperability, reliability, and performance.


We watch over your network infrastructure 24x7x365 via remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation, and more to verify it’s always running at its best.


Every solution includes proactive maintenance of your environment and quick implementation of Day 2 system changes, so your technology is always in sync with your needs.


In the event of a problem, our team of engineers acts fast to notify you of an incident and remediate your technology either remotely or on site.


No matter the breadth or depth of the solution we provide, all devices come standard equipped with a frontline set of protections enabled to keep the device and your business safe.

Ready to Connect?

Our mission is to make wireless network deployment and operation as easy as possible. Reach out now to discuss a wireless site survey to determine your location’s need, or to receive a complete proposal with up-front pricing, completely free of charge or obligation.