Unified Communications as a Service

As today’s businesses adapt to shifting market conditions, new customer preferences, and changing workforces, success depends on the ability to quickly and clearly communicate. You require communications and collaboration tools that are secure, reliable, and flexible, to power communications between employees, customers, and partners. That’s why TenFour has created Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions that deliver all of the hardware and software components and capabilities businesses need in one streamlined, subscription service*.

From internet-enabled telephones to high definition video conference equipment, our communications solutions are built from the ground up to provide maximum performance and flexibility without sacrificing security and reliability. Email, phone, fax, instant messaging (IM), video, and team collaboration applications: we’ve included all of this, as well as the design, installation, maintenance, and more at one single price per month.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

We offer five comprehensive UCaaS solutions, each of which is extremely versatile and can be tailored to best suit your business and its goals. No matter what you need, you pay one simple subscription price for all of the design, installation, monitoring, and support costs, as well as the phones, video endpoints, and equipment deployed.


Ideal for organizations with up to 30,000 users, our on-premises UCaaS solution delivers various phone, video, chat, and conference capabilities in a dedicated, redundant solution tailored to your operation. This solution can also be hosted in TenFour’s data center.


Perfect for smaller environments with up to 250 users, our hybrid UCaaS solution includes a suite of cloud-enabled call features and functions without sacrificing the performance and visibility enabled by local area network connections.


Best suited to organizations with up to 1,000 users, this solution monitors and coordinates secure phone traffic via internet connection to local hardware to deliver a complete collection of call functions and features via cloud-based applications and services. It’s well-suited to remote workers and any workforce with employees on the go.

Contact Center

TenFour’s Contact Center solution helps businesses manage a high volume of inbound queries and outbound calls while keeping their workforce or agents productive and in control to serve or acquire customers. This service includes workforce management options, third-party application interface APIs, and automated call routing, in addition to numerous functions, analytics, and routing options.

Remote Access

We offer a purpose-built package of technologies that combines networking, communications, and security equipment to give you a complete remote work solution, so no matter what happens your workforce stays connected. Options include VPN Remote Access software, internet calling, remote video collaboration software and endpoints, dedicated internet access, and cellular hotspots.

Features & Capabilities

TenFour’s UCaaS solutions include a wide array of communication methods, features, and capabilities. Listed below is a small sample of the options available.

  • Internet-Enabled HD Voice Calling & Voicemail (audio, visual, email)
  • HD Video Streaming & Display Endpoints
  • Mobile Collaboration Apps for iOS & Android Devices
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging & Presence Across Platforms
  • One-to-Many & Many-to-Many Conferences
  • Team-Based Collaboration Tools
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Gateways
  • Customer Contact Center & Auto Attendant
  • Third-Party Collaboration Tool Integration
  • Real-time Communication Infrastructure Provisioning & Optimization
  • Enterprise-Grade Security & Encryption

Advantages of TenFour’s UCaaS Solutions

  • Increased Flexibility & Security

    No matter where your business or employees are located or how many users you have, our UCaaS solutions are designed to adapt to your environment and needs by standardizing equipment, consolidating systems, and evolving with your organization. We support the latest authentication, encryption, and communications protocols to secure your data and communications no matter how threats change over time. And should you need any changes made to personnel’s access or preferences, we quickly handle them all on your behalf.

  • Always-On Reliability & Support

    We use fully redundant and rigorously tested software and hardware components to provide the highest availability to users, simplify equipment variables, and ensure communications systems work together without hassle or headache. We provide scheduled, regular updates and patch management and test all changes before implementing them, but if an issue arises, our 24x7x365 Network Operations Center is always available to remediate any problem.

  • Reduced Cost & Simplified Purchasing

    Because our UCaaS solutions require no internal support from your IT department and we provide it as a no-risk subscription we decrease not just the hard costs, like capital investment in hardware, but the soft costs: project management and design, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, contracting, and more. We consistently refresh the service to reduce the costly defects and security risks that come with aging and obsolete technology.

Services Included with Every Solution

Every UCaaS solution we provide includes a collection of complimentary, embedded services provided throughout the solution’s lifecyle and designed to ensure your communications and collaborations tools’ optimal performance.


Hand selected and rigorously tested equipment, software, telecom, and physical infrastructure resources, configured for interoperability, reliability, and performance.


We watch over your network infrastructure 24x7x365 via remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation, and more to verify it’s always running at its best.


Every solution includes proactive maintenance of your environment and quick implementation of Day 2 system changes, so your technology is always in sync with your needs.


In the event of a problem, our team of engineers acts fast to notify you of an incident and remediate your technology either remotely or on site.


No matter the breadth or depth of the solution we provide, all devices come standard equipped with a frontline set of protections enabled to keep the device and your business safe.

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*Equipment portion of service is also available for up-front payment with start of service contract.