Transitional Managed Services

While TenFour is a premier provider of turnkey, subscription-based services for networking, communications, and security, we realize our customers are not all in the same stage of that journey. Not every organization is readily positioned to move their infrastructure to an “as a Service” subscription model. Many companies are contending with a lack of resources, retaining expert talent, and maintaining institutional knowledge within their environment. Not to mention the supply chain issues they’re facing while keeping up in a global economy. That’s why TenFour offers Transitional Managed Services (TMS) as a path to network optimization.

With TMS, our customers now have a team responsible for monitoring, remediating, and maintaining their entire global network. This 24x7x365 service provides your team with the ability to focus on objectives and outcomes aligned with your business strategy.

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Includes discovery, monitoring, alerting, and reporting

TMS REpair

Provides triage, escalation, determination, repair, and remediation

TMS Administer

Delivers proactive environment maintenance to support moves and changes; hardware, firmware, or software upgrades/patches; and device administration

Typically, TMS is consumed as a bundle (Monitor, Repair, and Administer); however, TenFour may also provide a subset, depending on factors like equipment type, manufacturer, model, age, maintenance contract availability and duration, etc. 

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TMS Monitor

TMS Monitor is delivered by TenFour in four functional feature sets defined as discovery, monitoring, alerting, and metric reporting for each IT item (hardware, software, circuit) covered by the service. These feature sets are provided through a set of Network Operations Center (NOC) processes and TenFour’s proprietary “Network Observation System.”

TMS Monitor has more discovery and reporting features than typical managed service offerings and a richer set of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to build patterns based on ingested data from devices. This allows the creation of anomaly tickets based on traffic patterns and predicts on-site problems based on previous health indicators.

  • Monitoring by our U.S.-based, 24x7x365 NOC processes through our proprietary Network Observation System—a complete set of software tools that provide Monitor, Repair, and Administer functions within your private domain
  • Delivers complete transparency and co-management by allowing real-time access to the underlying tools and data collected
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TMS Repair is designed to restore a managed item to its prior working state after an incident. This includes triage, troubleshooting, analysis, fault isolation, testing, repair, and remediation for incidents. TenFour is fully responsible and completely manages all resolution activities that involve the underlying technology manufacturers as well as logistics, sparing, and escalation processes, excluding local site contact access.

TMS Repair will free you from the time loss associated with triaging incidents, documenting failures to Telcos and equipment vendors for resolution, managing manufacturer maintenance contracts, managing trouble tickets, managing the logistics of replacing failed components, and restoring infrastructure components to pre-failure functionality. Further, TMS Repair stores the functioning configuration and history of configuration changes for each item in a backup service that ensures rapid recovery from defects. By performing this critical incident response service, TenFour enables customers to focus their valuable time on more strategic IT applications and initiatives.

  • Requires Monitor as a prerequisite for all items covered by Repair. As a primary TenFour TMS offering, Repair is directly integrated with Monitor as it provides alerts that initiate Repair trouble tickets
  • Provides comprehensive repair service to all managed items where possible based on availability
  • Performs remote triage, troubleshooting, analysis, fault isolation, testing, repair, and remediation for incidents
  • Remote and on-site remediation options are available
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TMS Administer is designed to maintain and optimize your infrastructure, minimize operations complexity, and significantly reduce operations overhead and costs. This service provides proactive changes throughout the IT infrastructure lifecycle to ensure its fidelity and availability, which can either be requested by you or initiated by TenFour. This means TenFour will make suggestions to improve the environment, but you determine the configuration standards used.

As a primary TenFour offering, TMS Administer is directly integrated with TMS Monitor and TMS Repair. For certain items, depending on age, manufacturer, make or model, and maintenance contract availability, etc., TenFour may choose to provide a limited version of the TMS Administer service with only agreed-to features.

  • Requires Monitor and Repair for all items covered by Administer
  • Maintains and optimizes customer infrastructure, minimizes operations complexity, and significantly reduces customer operations overhead and costs
  • Provides administration and change work on customer-owned IT infrastructure

A Path for You

While TMS may be all you require at the moment, it’s often a bridge to the next generation of technology that TenFour enables through our fuller suite of networking, communications, and security subscription services.

Transitional Managed Services
Network as a Service
Standard features
Customer-owned risk
Easy transition to TenFour
Service Level Objectives (SLO) vs. Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • More features
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Shared risk
  • Flexible purchasing options
  • Site SLAs
  • Enhanced security posture
  • Greater service availability
  • Bandwidth on demand
  • Greater network agility
  • Better service continuity
  • Site survey



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