No Risks. No Surprises. One Price.

TenFour’s turnkey, subscription-based approach to networking and communications streamlines the design, procurement, installation, and operation processes to make it easy to deploy new equipment at reduced cost, wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, our monitoring, support, maintenance, and repair services are provided throughout the lifecycle of your equipment*.

The best part? There’s no risk to you as you focus less on your IT environment and more on your business. Once you sign a contract, the hardware, software, and support are our responsibility. And on top of that, bills are comprehensive and streamlined, our customer success team is always available, and equipment is tested and configured for long-term operability. We strive to deliver a premium networking and communications experience you can’t get anywhere else. 


Two Ways to Subscribe

TenFour’s subscription experience is provided as multi-year contracts with two payment options that can be combined to better suit your business and preference.

Monthly Subscription

Our all-inclusive monthly subscription combines equipment and services in one package to deliver technology, administration, and support in however many locations you might need at one simple price per month for each site.

Monthly Service Subscription
with CapEx Equipment Payment

This option is the same as our all-inclusive monthly subscription, except that you pay for the equipment up front, while services are provided and paid for on a monthly per-site basis.

Service Level Agreements That Serve You

Every networking and communications solution we deploy is bolstered by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs are part of your contract with TenFour, codify our commitment to your business, and are designed to ensure maximum performance at minimal cost. They ensure you never pay for idle equipment and aren’t charged for a component’s downtime.

If something goes wrong, it’s on us to make it right. Our SLAs clearly outline your dedicated points of contact within our customer support teams, and define the escalation paths toward incident remediation. You don’t pay while we take care of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. And no matter what changes you need made, we guarantee a quick response to any request. Plus, we hold each of the hand-selected service providers we work with around the world to the same SLAs to which we hold ourselves accountable.

Example Subscription Scenarios 

Example #1: Slow WiFI & Reduced Network Performance

A retailer with numerous locations depends on its employees’ ability to quickly access WiFi to assist customers in the product selection process and facilitate sales and checkout, but the network is slow, unsecure, and unreliable.

  • Today: The business’s wired and wireless networks are suffering from years of neglect and countless patches, and as a result the aging technology is causing daily problems for staff and customers.

  • Tomorrow: We will evaluate each location’s layout, requirements, and budget to deploy a network that ensures everyone is able to connect reliably and securely, backed up by 24x7x365 support and lifecycle maintenance, all at a lower cost over time.

Example #2: Vendors & Technologies Running Up Costs

A manufacturer has acquired a competitor and is merging facilities and operations, but as they do, incompatible networks, aging equipment, and a multitude of various vendors are steadily increasing costs and staff headaches.

  • Today: The business requires assistance standardizing the equipment within their IT environment to reduce complexity, and simplify the vendor relationships and support costs associated with operating it.

  • Tomorrow: We design a solution that replaces outdated technology and brings all disparate components under a unified system of monitoring, maintenance, and repair to increase performance and reduce costs, for which we are the sole vendor and manager.

Example #3: Growing Company Needs Predictability & Cash flow

A startup company is trying to better manage its balance sheet, eliminate spikes in cash flow from networking and communications investments, and budget for predictable expenses for monitoring, support, and maintenance.

  • Today: The startup either purchases equipment at an up-front cost or encumbers the balance sheet through capital leases or financing arrangements, both of which could negatively impact the company’s ability to invest elsewhere to grow sales and execute its vision.

  • Tomorrow: TenFour provides our Network as a Service (NaaS), which allows for a recurring, predictable monthly fee per location, thereby reducing cashflow spikes and strengthening the balance sheet while delivering top tier technology performance.

Example #4: Old Location Needs New Technology

A company is renovating a facility, and requires a fresh installation of comprehensive networking and communications resources, but wants to retain ownership of the technology assets we provide through CapEx payment.

  • Today: The business requires assistance planning for current and future technologies and is uncertain how their environment might increase in complexity.

  • Tomorrow: We work with the business to deploy a turnkey solution fit for their location, offer a one-time equipment payment, and provide monitoring, repair, and support services for a monthly, per-site cost.

Ready for a Quote or Proposal?

Our networking and communications services can be customized to empower any business, within a budget that works for your goals and requirements. Contact us now for a no obligation consultation and proposal.

*Equipment approaching end-of-life will be refreshed at the start of a new contract period to assure no interruption to your business operations.