A Streamlined Approach to Networking & Communications

By deploying turnkey networking and communications solutions as a service, TenFour helps businesses focus less on managing equipment, licenses, and vendors and more on pursuing the ideas that will help them grow. After reviewing your budget, requirements, and goals with you, we create a solution from a catalog of standardized hardware and software, combining our experience with thousands of customer locations with field-proven designs that increase reliability and decrease costs more effectively than any customer or competitor.

We'll walk you through how this solution achieves your goals and with your approval, deploy the equipment and services to each of your locations for one simple monthly price*. We enable you to use core IT infrastructure elements—such as equipment, software licenses, physical infrastructure, and communications services—without having to own or operate them. You get the simplicity, peace of mind, and flexibility of a subscription service. TenFour retains the responsibility and risk for all of the technology we provide.

The Technology We Provide

TenFour delivers a wide variety of business technologies, all of which can be combined to create unified, easily deployed, comprehensive solutions for both new and existing customer locations.


Our networking capabilities deliver wired and wireless connectivity, wide area networking between locations, and local compute and storage at the edge. Access points, switches, routers, controllers, licenses, and servers: we provide all of this, as well as broadband internet.

  • Wide Area Networking (Broadband, LTE, MPLS Internet Access & Connectivity)

  • Wired Local Area Network (Routers, Core Switches, Access Switches)

  • Wireless Local Area Networking (WiFi, Wireless Access Points & Controllers, Network Application License)


We assist in the selection, integration, monitoring, and support of numerous IoT-enabled devices. With our IoT partners, we offer an array of devices, all of which include data collection and analytics capabilities, remote support, and comprehensive warranties.

  • Security Cameras (Wired & Wireless)

  • Access Control (Door Locks & Keycard Panels)

  • Environment Monitoring Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Weight, Size, etc.)

  • RFID, QR & Barcode Sensors

  • Edge Computing & Local Storage (Server & Cloud Connectivity)


From desk phones to video endpoints, collaboration software to paging and voicemail, our suite of communications devices and tools will keep your employees, customers, and partners connected.

  • Phones & Video Endpoints

  • Collaboration Software & Application Licenses

  • Support Devices (Security Gateways)


In addition to firewalls, we offer Network Access Control (NAC) devices and several security application licenses that easily integrate with your environment to keep your network safe and provide a clear dashboard view of your environment’s health.

  • Next-Generation Firewalls

  • Security Application Licenses

  • Network Access Control Devices


We offer complete cable installation, equipment organization, and power management services to ensure equipment is connected to power and your network quickly and reliably.

  • Cabling (Copper & Fiber)

  • Power Management (PDUs & UPSs)

  • Equipment Organization (Wall & Floor Racks)

What’s Included in Our Solutions

Every solution we deploy includes an array of premium services to ensure optimal performance, end-to-end visibility, and a top-tier customer experience. These services are provided throughout the lifecycle of our solutions and are folded into the monthly subscription cost.


Hand selected and rigorously tested equipment, software, telecom, and physical infrastructure resources, configured for interoperability, reliability, and performance.


We watch over your network infrastructure 24x7x365 via remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation, and more to verify it’s always running at its best.


Every solution includes proactive maintenance of your environment and quick implementation of Day 2 system changes, so your technology is always in sync with your needs.


In the event of a problem our team of engineers acts fast to notify you of an incident and remediate your technology either remotely or on site.


No matter the breadth or depth of the solution we provide, all devices come standard equipped with a frontline set of protections enabled to keep the device and your business safe.

Also Included:
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Solutions Built for Your Business 

No matter your industry, how many employees you have, or where your business is located, our solutions align with your needs and evolve dynamically with you. We deliver our services as a flexible subscription, so you can save money on your IT operations, plan changes to your business with a clear view of budget impact, and plan with confidence that we’re ready to adapt.

Retail Store or Restaurant

Your locations require wired and wireless networking, broadband internet, and communications tools to keep your employees and customers connected to WiFi and local resources. We’ll design, install, monitor, and manage the network, work directly with the internet provider, and ensure optimal WiFi and communications performance.

Manufacturing Facility

Your facilities are complex operations that house numerous employees and equipment and are part of an expansive supply chain. You need local and global networking capabilities, communications resources, IoT device integration, and cybersecurity. We’ll uncover your requirements, design a solution to address all moving parts, and ensure all machines, workers, and customers enjoy optimal connectivity, reliability, and security.

Corporate Campus

Your employees and buildings need to stay securely connected to each other and distributed locations and resources around the world. We’ll deploy wired and wireless networking capabilities locally, connect you to the globe via secure and redundant internet connections, and provide the applications, phones, and video endpoints needed for collaboration.

Ready to Speak With Our Team? 

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*Equipment portion of service is also available for up-front payment with start of service contract.