Customer Success Is Our Focus

When you become a TenFour customer, you get more than a technology provider; you get a partner dedicated to listening to your needs and then delivering an exceptional technology experience. From the first consultation to solution deployment and beyond, our Customer Success team works to understand your business, ensure the technology we provide is helping it thrive, and support you throughout service operation.

Our team is composed of individuals from diverse business backgrounds that give them deep insight into and appreciation for the challenges you face. They work on your behalf to hold TenFour and its partners accountable for delivering the services, business results, and customer experiences promised.

Jessica Carroll

VP OF Customer Success
Jessica Carroll

As TenFour’s VP of Customer Success, Jessica is responsible for ensuring customers’ satisfaction and that their business is gaining the maximum benefit from our service. Jessica is a well-known and sought after speaker and thought leader in the technology industry, with a passion for leading into the Digital Age. She is a Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation and a recipient of the Computer World Premier 100 IT Leader Award.

+ More About Jessica

  • Three things Jessica believes: “Change is energizing, even if uncomfortable; Disruption breeds new opportunities; Listening is an art.”
  • Jessica's hero is: “My dad. He left behind a vibrant legacy of how strength is found in kindness, how sincerity is more valuable than possessions, and how putting others before yourself is an honor.”
  • If Jessica had to go back in time, the era Jessica would return to is: “Medieval England, but not during the plague of the late 1300s!”

Joe Quinlan

Customer Success Executive
Joe Quinlan

Joe’s no stranger to leading business innovation and technology, so he's a perfect fit for TenFour's team. He has a history of global IT leadership and digital transformation with companies like NBC Universal, KPMG, and Pearson where his IT architecture and problem solving skills resulted in huge savings and process improvements. Now, as a TenFour Customer Success Executive, he’s delivering similar results for TenFour’s clients.

+ More About Joe

  • Joe believes: “1) My wife is always right (she was looking over my shoulder when I was writing this!), and 2) Everyone should have the rights we enjoy in the United States of America.”
  • When I was a little kid I wanted to be: “A rock star. We were at my family vacation home in Bethel, NY when Woodstock hit. It sparked a passion for music in me.”
  • Joe’s role in the IT revolution: Creating a better future for our clients.

Our Customer’s Journey

Step #1: Consultation

Our Customer Success team (comprised of business development and customer solution experts) works with you to understand your business, its goals, and its budget and requirements.

TF Charting Course
TF Design Solution
Step #2: Design

We design a technology solution (comprised of pre-tested and pre-configured components) best suited to your business, demonstrate its potential value, and provide a single, no-nonsense subscription price for its deployment.

Step #3: Agreement

You decide if the solution meets your needs, we rework the design if necessary, and you sign a contract when you’re confident. There is no obligation or cost throughout this process.

TF Contract Signed
TF Boosters Engaged
Step #4: Ignition

Once the contract’s signed, our project management team gets to work procuring equipment, planning installation, and working with your team to integrate new technology into your environment. You pay nothing until everything’s working.

Step #5: Operation

Once all of the equipment is installed, tested, and confirmed by our team to be running optimally, our Network Operations Center takes over, monitoring, managing, and remediating the technology 24x7x365 from that day forward.

TF Monitor Progress
TF Infinity Beyond
Step #6: Innovation

That’s all there is to it! You pay one simple price per month and we take care of the rest, so your business can focus on the innovations that will propel it forward. When equipment approaches end-of-life we’ll present a plan to replace it.

No Matter Your Circumstances,
We Have a Path for You

If You Have a New Location or A Location Needs a Refresh

We’ll install entirely new equipment as described above at any location, or replace the aging equipment within your environment and monitor, manage, and operate it as a subscription service.

If You Have Existing Hardware & Don’t Want to Retain Ownership

We’ll upgrade the elements of your environment that need it and take ownership of what you no longer want to worry about, so your environment’s refreshed and becomes our responsibility instead of yours.

If You Have Existing Hardware & Want to Retain Ownership

We can provide Transitional Managed Services, leaving your existing equipment in place until it’s in need of refresh, at which point we’ll migrate to our subscription service and you’ll retain ownership.

No Matter WHO YOU ARE,
Our Service Is Built for You

We’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide range of customers over the years, but each is focused on the same goal: innovating the future of their business. Regardless of your industry, we love to work with innovators: those leaders who focus as much on business as technology, as much on strategy as operations. Listed below are just a few of the individuals TenFour typically engages with from the first day of our relationship onward.

Ten Four CEO
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

You’re charting your business’s course and require the operational insight and digital intelligence that will help make the right decisions and fuel innovation. We work with leaders like you by focusing first on your goals. Do you need to increase efficiency, create new customer experiences, or reduce costs to focus resources elsewhere? TenFour can provide a technology solution tailored to your vision.

Ten Four CISO
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

You’re the leader of your organization’s IT strategy and your responsibilities have evolved to deliver technology-driven business value. Investing in equipment and applications, optimizing your team’s activities for better time management, and developing a work environment to attract new talent are all key to your mission. With TenFour you can shift routine responsibilities from your team and be better positioned to drive the IT strategy of your dreams.

Ten Four CFO
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

You’re your organization’s financial caretaker, responsible for reducing costs, allocating resources, and planning for the business’s future. You’re focused on ways to use capital to create the most attractive product and maximize revenue. With our service, you’re positioned to reduce your organization’s technology liability and debt, shift your approach to purchasing from CapEx to OpEx, and more quickly adjust spending.

Ten Four CTO
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

You’re a tech-focused problem solver who combines engineering and business expertise to enable digital innovation. You’re focused on aligning technology with business goals and creating and implementing company policies and procedures. With TenFour you can rejuvenate your environment and adapt new technologies to your business, so you stay ahead of competitors and maximize customer satisfaction.

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