TenFour Leaves VAR Business to Focus Entirely on IT Infrastructure as a Service

Morristown, NJ – June 14, 2019 – Effective immediately, TenFour is shifting its business away from value-added reselling (VAR) to focus all of its resources, personnel, and operations on delivering IT infrastructure as a service (ITIaaS).

Over the course of more than 20 years of operation, VAR has comprised a significant portion of TenFour’s (formerly Alliant Technologies) business and has enabled the company to build important relationships with customers and industry partners, but the future of business is subscription-based.

"We started as VAR and built a reputation as the company that solved hard problems. We’ve gained a deep understanding of what customers need most: lower operational costs, focus on strategic initiatives, predictable expenses, and minimized network downtime," said Bruce Flitcroft, TenFour’s founder and CEO. "To win in the Digital Age, IT organizations must shift their focus from boxes and wires to the data and applications that drive competitive differentiation. That’s why we’re among the first to transform to an end-to-end IT infrastructure subscription service."

Amid the rise in popularity of Cloud and software-as-a-service purchasing, TenFour has continued to refine and deploy their ITIaaS offering, providing customers a scalable, on-demand private domain IT infrastructure solution that includes everything required to operate an IT environment at one single price per month. As TenFour has grown and the business world has embraced Cloud/SaaS models, VAR business has become an increasingly outdated segment of the company’s portfolio. Though an invaluable element of the company’s past, VAR is only holding TenFour back.

"A new consumption model is required to reliably manage and empower the technical elements of business operations. From the spread of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to the advent of big data, IT is increasingly responsible for generating revenue," commented William Fellows, co-founder and Vice President of 451 Research. "Simply put: IT professionals have more important things to worry about than day-to-day operations, and VAR services may no longer be sufficient to pick up the slack."

For TenFour this change means less time, work, and resources divided between VAR and ITIaaS offerings and more focus on providing the quality of service customers deserve. TenFour will continue to deliver the reliable IT infrastructure service it’s become known for, suffering from fewer defects, delivering a higher standard of performance, and costing less over time than traditional in-house operations.

Going forward, TenFour’s team is dedicated to providing the best ITIaaS experience it can, so customers are best equipped to accomplish the goals that set them apart from their competitors: transforming their operations, moving into new markets, acquiring new competitors, and changing their business to accommodate fresh technologies and customer expectations.

TenFour is committed to its customers’ success and will honor existing VAR contracts for the remainder of their current duration. For more information about TenFour, its service, or this change, please visit www.tenfour.com, email hello@tenfour.com, or call +1 973 267 5236.


As the world’s first IT Infrastructure as a Service provider, TenFour is an enterprise-grade business technology partner dedicated to helping companies succeed in the digital economy. From SD-WAN and UCC to NetSec and Data Centers, we provide the IT foundation needed to drive digital transformation. Design, installation, operation, 24x7x365 US-based monitoring, and repair: all of this and more is included in TenFour’s streamlined subscription service. To learn more visit www.tenfour.com.


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