Network Security as a Service

As technology has enabled businesses to globalize their operations, diversify their work environments, and innovate products, new vulnerabilities and threats have made security a paramount concern. The traditional approach to protecting your company—firewalls, permissions, and passwords—is no longer sufficient in a world where the edge of your environment is difficult to define, data collection points are decentralized, and threats are ever-changing. The proliferation of IoT devices, remote work, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies have further complicated the challenges.

That’s why TenFour provides a holistic collection of solutions designed to protect your business’s network and employees. While we do not develop your security policy, we do work with you to implement a solution that complies with and reinforces it. Our service is designed with the Zero Trust Security framework in mind and can be adapted to numerous environments and industries.

TenFour Protects Your Foundation

Our Network Security solutions are designed to not only protect the core elements of your business’s infrastructure technology but the information flowing throughout your network as well, from web browsing data to sensitive personal information.

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The Technology We Provide

Our network security solutions are comprised of the following components, features, and capabilities. Each of these options can be combined to provide as little or as much coverage as required for your environment. And even if you have existing network security capabilities in place, TenFour can augment your approach, providing detailed traffic data, analytics, and insights around the clock and in real time.

External Protections
(North-South Traffic)
  • On-Premises or Cloud-Based Next-Generation Security (intrusion prevention, SSL & deep-packet inspection, malware detection, file inspection, & reputation-based IP protection)

  • Secure Remote Access to Applications Based on Identity of Device, User, & Posture

  • Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access with Advanced Encryption

  • Web Content Filtering & Real-Time Domain Name System (DNS) Reputation Protection

  • Unified Policy Management Platform

Internal Protections
(East-West Traffic)
  • Command & Control Consoles (Network Access Control via 802.1X through RADIUS, Enterprise Security Management)

  • Endpoint Visiblity & Device Fingerprinting for Better Policy Implementation

  • Private Cloud Protection & Network Configuration Management

  • Application Authorization, Traffic Inspection & Fraud Protection

  • Real-Time Data Logs for Event Correlation & AI Machine Learning-Based Predictive Anomaly Detection for Preventive Actions

SOC as a Service

In addition to our Network Security solution, TenFour's provides Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service for advanced security intelligence and insight into the potential threats and vulnerabilities in your system. 

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Key Benefits of Our Approach

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Our U.S.-based 24x7x365 Network Operations Center ensures any attempt to infiltrate your network is stopped at the door or detected for your attention. Plus, with real-time visibility of data and analytics, we work to respond quickly in the event of an attack.

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Rigorously Tested Solutions

Every component of the security solutions we provide has been selected and tested to provide the highest standard of performance and reliability. These components work with our networking and communications services to standardize your IT infrastructure and reduce your environment’s surface attack area and vulnerabilities.

Proactive Updates & Support

TenFour’s network security solutions are built to adapt to a wide variety of threats, including ransomware, phishing, password theft, and more. We proactively test and implement all patches and updates to ensure your environment is up to date, and are constantly engaged to stay abreast of new threats.

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Reclaimed Resources

Modern cybersecurity threats demand more vigilance than ever before and it pays to have someone watch your back. TenFour’s solutions protect the foundational layers of your environment, so your in-house team can focus more time, money, and resources on defending your business’s valuable applications and data.

Compliant with Global Security Standards

TenFour’s Network Security solutions adhere to all major security standards, including ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and SB-327, and are built with a Zero Trust Security framework in mind. TenFour has also successfully completed a SOC 2 audit of our security principles and availability. In receiving this SOC 2 attestation TenFour has proven that our service is designed and operates as promised as a trustworthy, secure, and highly available service.

Services Included

Every Network Security solution includes a collection of complimentary, embedded services provided throughout the solution’s lifecyle and designed to ensure your optimal performance and a smooth customer experience.


Hand selected and rigorously tested equipment, software, telecom, and physical infrastructure resources, configured for interoperability, reliability, and performance.


We watch over your network infrastructure 24x7x365 via remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation, and more to verify it’s always running at its best.


Every solution includes proactive maintenance of your environment and quick implementation of Day 2 system changes, so your technology is always in sync with your needs.


In the event of a problem, our team of engineers acts fast to notify you of an incident and remediate your technology either remotely or on site.

Ready to Refine Your Security Posture?

Whether you have a single facility or a multi-cloud, globalized operation, TenFour’s network security solutions are prepared the help you guard the intellectual property most important to you. Contact us now to get a no-nonsense proposal and pricing information.