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We are a Networking & Communications as a Service provider. That means we provide turnkey, private network infrastructure, such as routers, switches, wireless access points, IP phones, and IoT devices in a subscription service. We’re not a cloud computing company, but we’ve taken the cloud model and extended it beyond compute and storage to all of your business platforms, including Networking (WAN & LAN), Communications & Collaboration, Data Center, Network Security, Physical Infrastructure, and IoT.


Our Networking & Communications subscription service allows us to share the risk of infrastructure ownership and operation with our customers. This is a less complicated model for IT consumption, where we’re on the hook if anything goes wrong. Since it’s a pay-per-use service, you have greater agility to scale your business to meet your needs. We proactively manage, monitor, repair, and refresh the IT equipment we provide, so you have a solid technology foundation with reduced downtime and increased performance. As a result, your team is free to focus on the innovations, applications, and data that will create a differentiated customer experience and grow your business.


Headquartered in Morristown, NJ, TenFour is a privately owned organization with a rich history of providing integrated IT solutions to hundreds of customers. For 20 years we have delivered the most complete approach for transforming our customers’ outdated IT infrastructure into useful, profitable and beneficial networks. We were founded as Alliant Technologies in 1998 by a group of engineers who wanted to design, deploy and manage sophisticated global communications networks. We started as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and built a strong reputation as the company that solved hard problems. We were recognized as “Partner of the Year” by Cisco and AT&T and teamed up with the best industry players who recognize our innovation and focus on delivering superior service to our customers.

Throughout these years, we gained a deep understanding of what customers need: lower operational costs, ability to focus on strategic initiatives, predictable expenses and minimized network downtime. Simply put, customers need to focus their time and resources on driving value for their organization. In 2016, we developed a state-of-the-art, US-based Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide and support managed services. Still, we knew there had to be a better way to deliver IT while generating business value for our customers and we decided to do something about it.

A new consumption model was required to reliably manage the rapidly increasing number of end points resulting from the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and new business models, with distributed and remote workforces. Proprietary Reference Architectures were rigorously researched, developed, and tested for specific industry verticals, resulting in higher performance, fewer defects, and increased security. After lots of hard work, success, and failure, we charted a new path for the IT industry.

While the "Alliant" name served us well, by 2017 we recognized that the industry was changing and we needed to do the same. We needed a brand that aligns with our new vision for IT infrastructure; a name that conveys how we listen to our customers and to the industry. That we understand the needs of the market and we’ll deliver as promised. Message received. Today we are TenFour.


By deploying turnkey networking and communications solutions as a service, TenFour helps businesses focus less on managing equipment, licenses, and vendors and more on pursuing the ideas that will help them grow. After reviewing your budget, requirements, and goals with you, we create a solution from a catalog of standardized hardware and software, combining our experience with thousands of customer locations with field-proven designs that increase reliability and decrease costs more effectively than any customer or competitor.

We’ll walk you through how this solution achieves your goals and with your approval, deploy the equipment and services to each of your locations for one simple monthly price*. We enable you to use core IT infrastructure elements—such as equipment, software licenses, physical infrastructure, and communications services—without having to own or operate them. You get the simplicity, peace of mind, and flexibility of a subscription service. TenFour retains the responsibility and risk for all of the technology we provide.

The reasons you’ve moved to the Cloud are the same reasons leading global enterprises are moving their IT infrastructure to our model: it offers the agility to change with your business, secure technology that is always current, and lower, predictable costs.


TenFour has predictable cost, simplified architecture, stronger security and fewer defects than traditional IT and Managed Service providers. Because our model is subscription-based, we own the infrastructure – and all the associated risk - and you pay for what you use in a simple OpEx model. No more nickel and diming, no more haggling with multiple vendors, and no more technology debt with equipment refresh included. Our holistic, unified approach to your environment gives us a stronger cybersecurity posture with built-in network and equipment protections, our model assures a lower Total Cost of Ownership, and we have robust Service Level Agreements ensuring we address incidents as quickly as possible. In short: our team helps yours focus on innovation like no other IT experts out there.


TenFour uses industry-specific IT Reference Architectures to deliver standardized parts for repeatable solutions in a highly automated operation—resulting in a more reliable service with fewer defects, lower TCO and stronger security posture. Reference Architectures are standardized architectural platform designs that

  • Represent pre-validated functional elements
  • Support an ongoing review and evolution strategy
  • Align to customer business outcomes
  • Are supported by TenFour lifecycle services

Our service is founded on tested & proven IT Reference Architectures. We’ve built standardized platform designs developed to solve customer business use cases. For example, just like the power company, you don’t worry about the brand of power lines, the model of the transformer, the components, the vendor negotiations, the hardware refreshes – it is encapsulated within the utility service. That’s how TenFour’s Networking & Communications subscription works. We select, test and implement the right components so we deliver a repeatable, reliable service, which results in fewer defects, and less resources. Then we keep it proactively refreshed at regular intervals, so that you never have to worry about technology debt.


TenFour serves both global enterprise and mid-sized commercial markets in over 35 countries. These include global giants and household names from across industries. Our Repair service is typically preformed remotely, though on-site global engineering dispatch is also available as needed, wherever you are located.


No matter where you’re starting, we have a path for you. We know that the move to a Networking & Communications subscription model can’t happen overnight. You need to work at a pace that makes business and financial sense for your company. If you’re ready to refresh now, we’ll deploy new Reference Architecture gear as soon as you’re ready. If you have existing hardware that is Reference Architecture compliant, we will Audit and assimilate Gear into our TenFour model. If you have existing hardware but it is not Reference Architecture compliant, we’ll leave it in place and operate it for you. When it is depreciated, we will migrate it to our Networking & Communications subscription.


TenFour takes a multi-faceted approach to Cyber Security. Two layers of the network security framework, Network and Host/System, are critical, but well understood and matured. These are the layers where your security teams are likely spending most of their time and activities. TenFour provides all the Network layer security and most of the Host/System layers—our service is embedded with AAA, NetFlow, SGT, 802.1X, patch management and syslog as included as core capabilities. Additional advanced cyber security capabilities can be added as needed.

With our network security services, your underlying network infrastructure contains the requisite protections, so your team can focus its real-time security efforts on the much more vulnerable inner layers: Application and Data. TenFour’s fully embedded network cyber security solutions lower your surface attack area in support of attack prevention, risk reduction, and framework compliance requirements.


Get greater flexibility and improved cash flow with our pay-as-you-use as-a-Service model that gives you the flexibility to scale operations. Our model reduces soft costs and labor costs because everything is included in one monthly price. That means no unexpected fees for truck rolls or sunny day changes. Change happens, quite frequently. However, most providers in the industry require customers to perform the day-to-day changes that keep infrastructure running smoothly. They nickel and dime you, making every change an additional cost. Even worse, they’re inconsistent with how quickly they respond.

TenFour takes a different approach. With our Administer service, we remotely perform the modifications required to support in-life operations. We more efficiently take over the operations administrative functions which are traditionally assigned to a vast number of customers’ in-house IT employees whose time is better served working on other strategic IT roles within the CIO’s organization.


Customers want the first response to an incident to be handled competently. In fact, many of our existing customers have stated that knowing the incident is understood and addressed by a professional is more important than the speed of resolution. TenFour does both very well.

TenFour monitors our customers’ network environment’s right from our HQ, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This service is provided from our state-of-the-art, US-based NOC. This NOC is staffed with operations engineers with Masters Degrees who are highly trained and supported with automated systems, tools and procedures that enable rapid triage and resolution. Our expert engineers manage every solution component across all vendors, whether on or off-premises.

TenFour’s Monitor service ensures the customer’s infrastructure is functioning at the highest possible level based on defined performance metrics. TenFour’s co-management portal delivers near real-time visibility into the customer’s infrastructure, devices, and incident tickets and is embedded with data collection tools for real-time reporting and full read/write access and control. Most importantly we have replaced traditional monitoring methodologies with one that improves customers’ security posture and provides a holistic view across their domain.


Every solution we deploy includes an array of premium features to ensure optimal performance, end-to-end visibility, and a top-tier customer experience. These services are provided throughout the lifecycle of our solutions and are folded into the monthly subscription cost.

Embedded Services:

  • Gear – Hand selected and rigorously tested equipment, software, telecom, and physical infrastructure resources, configured for interoperability, reliability, and performance.
  • Monitor – We watch over your environment 24x7x365 from our U.S.-based Network Operations Center via remote monitoring, network mapping, ticket creation, and more to verify it’s running at its best.
  • Administer – Every solution includes proactive maintenance of your environment and quick implementation of Day 2 system changes, so your technology is always in sync with your needs.
  • Repair – In the event of a problem our team of engineers acts fast to notify you of an incident and remediate your technology either remotely or on site.
  • Shield – No matter the breadth or depth of the solution we provide, all devices come standard equipped with a frontline set of protections enabled to keep the device and your business safe.

Additional Advantages:

  • Infrastructure Design
  • Project Management
  • Installation & Testing
  • Decommissioning of Old Equipment
  • End-User Training
  • Shared Visibility into Management Systems
  • Single Point of Accountability & Vendor Management
  • Proactively Paid SLAs
  • FCC Registered Carrier
  • Built-In Technology Refresh Options


Every networking and communications solution we deploy is bolstered by industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) far stronger than any Managed Services provider. These SLAs are part of your contract with TenFour, codify our commitment to your business, and are designed to ensure maximum performance at minimal cost. They ensure you never pay for idle equipment and aren’t charged for a component’s downtime.

If something goes wrong, it’s on us to make it right. Our SLAs clearly outline your dedicated points of contact within our customer support teams, and define the escalation paths toward incident remediation. You don’t pay while we take care of maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. And no matter what changes you need made, we guarantee a quick response to any request. Plus, we hold each of the hand-selected service providers we work with around the world to the same SLAs to which we hold ourselves accountable.


TenFour’s turnkey, subscription-based approach to networking and communications streamlines the design, procurement, installation, and operation processes to make it easy to deploy new equipment at reduced cost, wherever and whenever you need it. Plus, our monitoring, support, maintenance, and repair services are provided throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

The best part? There’s no risk to you as you focus less on your IT environment and more on your business. Once you sign a contract, the hardware, software, and support are our responsibility. And on top of that, bills are comprehensive and streamlined, our customer success team is always available, and equipment is tested and configured for long-term operability. We strive to deliver a premium networking and communications experience you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Turnkey Solution: Built on more than 20 years of experience, TenFour is the premier provider of comprehensive, turnkey, subscription-based networking and communications services for companies around the world. “Turnkey” means we do it all. Our team handles the hardware, software, connectivity, and services from design to deployment to monitoring and problem mitigation, integrating all of the parts into a seamless, single-source whole.
  • Adaptive Service: Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, restaurant, or other multi-location business, our services can be configured for any number of locations (including remote workforces) with a single subscription price per site for everything we deliver.
  • Comprehensive Offer: No more worrying about routers, switches, access points, carrier service agreements, truck rolls, or even cabling. We deliver reliable networking and communications from end to end. We maximize performance while hardening your network’s security and minimizing total costs. And with a 24x7x365, U.S.-based Network Operations Center and team of IT professionals, we monitor and support thousands of customer locations across the U.S. and around the world.
  • Reduced Complexity & Defects: Networking and communications are all we do, and as a result we’re able to reduce complexity, increase security, and eliminate defects, all while delivering maximum performance.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: We combine our expertise and standardized suite of technologies to deploy and operate your IT environment at a monthly price far lower than companies are typically able to achieve.
  • Greater Reliability: You no longer need to worry if the network is up and running, because we are watching over it 24x7x365 and ready to jump on problems before you even notice them.
  • Strengthened Security: We protect your IT environment by enabling security measures on each piece of equipment we deploy and giving you complete visibility with an array of best-in-class tools.
  • Single Partner: You no longer have to deal with vendors, carriers, or contractors because we handle it all on your behalf and include equipment, support, maintenance, and more in one package.


As a growing business with a vision for the future, it’s important to have a support system and a team on your side. The “we” in the “we got this” consists of a lifecycle team that is here to guide your transformation. They are your:

  • Account Manager: Your primary contact and your go-to person.
  • Project Manager: The person who keeps our joint projects alive & on track by managing expectations and needs.
  • Technical Architect: The engineer who designs a network that meets your IT and business goals.
  • Customer Solutions Architect: A high-level engineer who makes in-depth technical recommendations with your business goals in mind.

Together, this team works with yours to achieve your business vision. Together, we’ve got this!


TenFour delivers a wide variety of business technologies, all of which can be combined to create unified, easily deployed, comprehensive solutions for both new and existing customer locations.

Networking: Our networking capabilities deliver wired and wireless connectivity, wide area networking between locations, and local compute and storage at the edge. Access points, switches, routers, controllers, licenses, and servers: we provide all of this, as well as broadband internet.

  • Wide Area Networking (Broadband, LTE, MPLS Internet Access & Connectivity)
  • Wired Local Area Network (Routers, Core Switches, Access Switches)
  • Wireless Local Area Networking (WiFi, Wireless Access Points & Controllers, Network Application License)

Communications: From desk phones to video endpoints, collaboration software to paging and voicemail, our suite of communications devices and tools will keep your employees, customers, and partners connected.

  • Phones & Video Endpoints
  • Collaboration Software & Application Licenses
  • Support Devices (Security Gateways)

Physical Infrastructure: We offer complete cable installation, equipment organization, and power management services to ensure equipment is connected to power and your network quickly and reliably.

  • Cabling (Copper & Fiber)
  • Power Management (PDUs & UPSs)
  • Equipment Organization (Wall & Floor Racks)

IoT Devices: We assist in the selection, integration, monitoring, and support of numerous IoT-enabled devices. With our IoT partners, we offer an array of devices, all of which include data collection and analytics capabilities, remote support, and comprehensive warranties.

  • Security Cameras (Wired & Wireless)
  • Access Control (Door Locks & Keycard Panels)
  • Environment Monitoring Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Weight, Size, etc.)
  • RFID, QR & Barcode Sensors
  • Edge Computing & Local Storage (Server & Cloud Connectivity)

Network Security: In addition to firewalls, we offer Network Access Control (NAC) devices and several security application licenses that easily integrate with your environment to keep your network safe and provide a clear dashboard view of your environment’s health.

  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Security Application Licenses
  • Network Access Control Devices

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