How CIOs Outsource IT Infrastructure Management to Boost Efficiency

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More than ever, IT teams are being asked to do more with fewer resources. Amid the pandemic of 2020 and the repercussions of that event, the business world’s move across the last decade toward digital transformation has been accelerated. IT environments made more complex by increased remote work, security vulnerabilities, and access to video, application, and data demand an influx of resources that businesses may be ill-equipped to allocate. As a result, boosting operational efficiency is among the highest priorities and the need for expertise and skills has never been greater.

To make up the shortfall, it’s become common for businesses to outsource several portions of their IT operations to vendors responsible for almost everything: digital communications, cloud storage, software and applications, cybersecurity, and much more. As the subscription service model has been embraced across industries and consumers, IT infrastructure management has followed suit, with vendors in this space offering a complete suite of business technology services and support for all-inclusive monthly prices. But while this shift is a natural evolution, the decision to move IT management to a third-party vendor can be a difficult one, and it’s one that many CIOs are contending with today.

In our ongoing quest to better understand and address the challenges business technology and IT professionals are facing, TenFour has partnered with the Pulse research organization to dive deep into the question of IT management outsourcing. Together, we’ve polled 100 North American CIOs about their current and future plans to employ the services of third-party vendors in the management of their IT infrastructure.

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From the feedback and data acquired, we’ve created a detailed report that gives an in-depth look at how businesses are looking at IT management vendors can fill critical resource and skill gaps to increase business efficiency and support operations.

Are you or your business considering bringing a third-party vendor on board to manage your IT infrastructure and operations? We think this report’s relevant to you regardless of whether you’re a CIO, CTO, or Director of IT. See what your peers are thinking and how they’re taking the next step.

To access the full report, visit this registration page, complete the brief form, and you’ll be prompted to download the report. Want to share your experience with a third-party vendor or learn more about the IT infrastructure services TenFour provides? Comment below or contact us here.

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