Unified Communications & Collaboration

Communications have evolved. In our age of interconnectivity your business’s success depends more now than ever before on consistent, reliable communications not just with customers, but between every facet of your organization. Our Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) service is designed not just to bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device, but to make administration quick and simple.

We handle the changes to preferences, the addition and removal of users, and all the routine software and hardware updates so your IT department can focus on the projects that set your business apart. With our integrated UCC infrastructure for voice, video calling, messaging, and mobile communications we deliver a dependable, secure, and scalable communications control and management solution.

You want the functionality and quality of a private, custom UCC system, but you don’t want the cost. You may want the low cost and ubiquity of a public cloud UCC system, but you don’t want the unreliability. By offering UCC as a dedicated utility service TenFour delivers the best of both worlds: a private UCC platform that offers high performance, consistent functionality, and critical reliability, but at a single, reduced price.


IP Telephony and Call Processing


Web Conferencing

Instant Messaging

IP Voice Gateways

Contact Center

Business Solutions


Our UCC is updated regularly with tested software and patches, and refreshed on schedule with the latest hardware, all to maximize performance and availability, no matter the location or need.

Flexibility & Scalability

Whether you have 80,000 users or 100, our UCC service adapts to your organization’s unique environment and needs by standardizing equipment, consolidating systems, and evolving with your business.


Because we provide UCC as a utility we can decrease not just the hard costs, like investment and hardware, but soft costs like project management and design, repairs and monitoring, contracting and truck rolls are all included.

End to End

At TenFour we understand that excellent communications are an important part of your future infrastructure, but UCC alone does not make a business successful. That’s why, in addition to UCC, we deliver our utility model across every facet of your business’s IT infrastructure:

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