Product Engineer

Are you looking for hands on experience innovating how high-end technology is designed and deployed? Is your objective a career path that leads to designing cutting edge IT infrastructure solutions? Do you want to take part in a revolution in IT infrastructure? TenFour is currently offering great career paths to qualified Product Engineers.


  • Research and develop technical requirements and capabilities for new network infrastructure products.
  • Analyze technical deliverables and release cycles cross departmentally to gather required network architecture information to complete the delivery requirements for products, services and features.
  • Evaluate the technical requirements for propitiatory network monitoring hardware and software.
  • Develop network component requirements for the TenFour Service for SNMP reporting, management and troubleshooting in accordance with product vision and development roadmaps.
  • Analyze network products for improvements to technical capabilities, and increase user acceptance and satisfaction.


  • Work with Cisco, Riverbed, CA and other products in state-of-the-art network environments.
  • Strong understanding and hands on experience will all types of networked and networking protocols, and how to monitor, manage, troubleshoot, set alarm thresholds and tune a network for optimal performance.
  • Ability to explain complex technical concepts for marketing audiences.
  • Develop timeline estimates for product integration and testing.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.


  • MS in Electrical Engineering, Telecomm Networks or a related Engineering discipline
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